Year 1 Classes: Miss Calderwood & Mrs Thompson           

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Mrs Thompson's Year 1 Class

Mrs Thompson's Class:
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Mrs Thompson's Halloween Artwork

Science, Problem Solving and
Artwork in Mrs Thompson's class

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Our topics are:

        Sept/Oct - All About Me

Nov/Dec - Space

Jan/Feb - Fairytales

Mar/Apr - Monsters

May/Jun - The Jungle

Show and Tell Time

ICT Work in Mrs Thompson's class

Miss Calderwood's Year 1 Class

Miss Calderwood's class went on a 'Triangle Hunt' around school to look for all different sizes of triangles. Have a look!

Miss Calderwood's Halloween Pumpkin Makers!

Play Based Learning
Pupils are involved in making props
for the Space Role Play Area 
using deconstructable items.

Play Based Learning
Miss Calderwood's class busy at play
through their topic Space. They have
been busy making rockets!