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Welcome to our Year 3/4 page.

Our Year 3 teacher is Mr Moore on Monday and Tuesday and Miss Campbell Wednesday - Friday. Our Year 3/4 teacher is Miss Overend and our Year 4 teacher is Miss Alexander.

Topics studied during 2019/2020

 Year 3: Under the Sea, In the Street, The Jungle, Famous Authors, Bugs and Life Cycles

Year 3/4:  Fire, Weather, Teeth, Myths and Legends, Animals Around the World

Year 4: World War 2, Superheroes, Dinosaurs, London and Wonders of the World

What should your child have with them each day?

  • It’s important that your child comes fully equipped to school and is ready for all of their school activities. Children in Years 3 and 4 should have these essentials:

    • Pencils
    • Rubber
    • Sharpener
    • 30cm ruler
    • Homework diary (signed), reading book and any other homework
    • Healthy break/packed lunch/dinner money
    • Any notes that have been sent home, returned and signed   
  • In Year 3 children will go home at 3pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays their home time will be at 2pm. Year 4 children will stay until 3pm every day.
  • All items of clothing and PE shoes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Miss Campbell/Mr Moore and Miss Overend’s children only require a change of shoes for PE lessons. Your child should keep these in school in a clearly labelled bag. Miss Alexander's Year 4 children should have a fresh t-shirt, shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers.
  • If your child wishes to take toast (10p) or pancakes (15p) for break, please try to send the correct money for the week on a Monday morning.
  • We see homework as an important part of your child’s development.  Every child has a homework diary which will let you see clearly the homework your child has.
  • Finally, please ensure that your child brings a bottle of water to school each day as learning is thirsty work. Cups are not advisable to prevent spillages and juice is only allowed at break and lunch. 


Many thanks,

Year 3/4 teachers

Miss Campbell/Mr Moore’s Class

Year 3 really enjoyed their numeracy and literacy sessions. They enjoyed sorting animals and finding rhyming words.

Enjoying maths and activity based learning in Year 3.

Year 3 are really enjoying their activity based learning

Kaiicen and Sophie enjoyed making jungle creatures during Activity Based Learning.

Martin enjoyed playing 'What's Up?' He had to guess the creature on his headband from the clues his classmates gave.

Year 3 have enjoyed bringing their Treehouse designs to life.

Year 3 really enjoyed making pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. These two VIPs made sure everything ran smoothly. 

Year 3 have been conducting a 'Germ Test' to see which slice of bread will contain the most germs!

Miss Overend's Class

Our current topic in Year 3 and 4 is Fire.  The children have been really busy during activity based learning making fire models from Lego and sequencing events at the cut and stick table.  The children have also been learning how to co-operate and share through a range of classic games.

We created forest fire pictures using mixed media. We used red, orange and yellow paint to create the fire in the background and used black oil pastels to draw the burnt trees.

Year 4 enjoy playing Maths games on the ipads.

London’s burning….

Do you like the pictures that year 3 and 4 created using Purple Mash on the ipads?

Year 3 and 4 did a litter pick around school today.  They picked up all the litter we found and put it in the bin. They did a great job!

Year 3 & 4 all dressed up for Mad Hair Day with their decorated pumpkins.  Don't they look fabulous?

Take a loook at some photos of children in Miss Overend’s class participating in a fun filled NSPCC sponsored physical challenge.

Miss Alexander's Class

Learning to sew in Year 4. If you need a button sewed back on, ask us!

We made dinosaur fossils using clay!

We were learning all about our fingerprints!

We've completed lots of superhero art using scrap materials and our primary colours. It was great fun mixing the paint to see what colours we could make!

We made Rockets and tested them to see which one would travel the furthest! Year 4 is so much fun!

Year 4 loved Ditch the Dark Day!

Anti-Bullying Day. Learning to work as a team.

Year 4 have been learning to sequence numbers by creating human number lines.
Having fun playing charades! We now know what verbs are. Can you guess what we are doing?

During shared education with St Brigid's we learned that sound travels through vibrations.