At Leaney we live and work together as a community to create a happy, secure and successful school.  We seek high standards of achievement, both academically and behaviourally, for our children and high standards of professionalism from our staff. We will provide challenges appropriate to each child’s ability and reward success. Our aim is to enable children to achieve their academic and social potential, both as individuals and as members of a wider community. 

Our goal is to develop independent, motivated life-long learners. This includes all members of our school community – both children and adults. To this end we will constantly strive to improve our own performance and that of every child in our care.

We will provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum taking into consideration the individual preferred learning styles of the children. We will match provision to need using resources and teaching strategies effectively.

We believe the quality of relationship between the teacher and pupil is central to effective learning. The curriculum is, therefore, delivered in a climate of confidence and trust between pupil, teacher and parent.

We aim to support the development of our children and ourselves as individuals by promoting the following values - Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Achievement, Co-operation, Fairness, Creativity and Perseverance.

Principal: Miss V Moorhouse


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There is a pupil in our school who has a severe, life-threatening allergy to nuts



Peanut butter

Nut oils

Nut flavourings etc

Touching or eating these items may provoke a severe allergic reaction.

For the safety of this pupil we are asking parents not to send any food containing

these items to school.  Please read the ingredient list of any foods sent in with your child to ensure they do not contain nuts.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.